(Video interview,36 min)
Paul Nieboer will have a three week research period where he will be thinking about the social position of the stranger. The term stranger coming form an essay by Georg Simmel of the same title. He himself will be a stranger wandering through the streets of Athens, Observing other people, trying to Relate and to Arrange new information. From his own position as an artist, he will look at how the stranger relates to his surroundings and how he will try to make his sense out of it. And also he will be thinking about the question: what is the thin line between the comforts and the vulnerability of being a stranger? The thin line between a tourist and someone who is just lost. Terms to be further explored and also re-placed in different hierarchies in the initial diagram of words (Observation, Relation, Arrangement).

Offering the chance to engage in the 'landscape' of the stranger not only with observation but also throughout placement. Using the camera, and pictures as first material of registration and then the placement in the space of a room and of a page.
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