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* De Roze Sokkel at NS16, Tilburg 10/07/2019
* Radio talk at Wfm96, Middelburg 03/03/2019
* Zeeuwse Lichting 2018 at CBK, Middelburg 03/02/2019
* Apprentice Master at Kunstpodium T, Tilburg 07/02/2019
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So You Don't Get Lost In
The Neighbourhood #14
Paul Nieboer
Ghent (BE), Groot-Abeele (NL)
To Vargen
My Ride to Paradise
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The Forever Friends in The Moment (BOOKLET)
The Forever Friends in The Moment
Triops Connection
Full as Fish/Sublanry/Centered
Travel Guide in Athens. (2019)

De aandacht van Johannes Goedaert.

Every year my dad, my brother and I go a weekend to the mountains. Something we do not have in The Netherlands. A couple weeks before we go, my dad heads to the library to borrow some walking guides for the specific region we are going to. Before we leave we already look at some routes and pick a couple we think will be interesting. Last year we were walking on a mountain in the North of Italy. Half way we took the walking guide out to check the route again. I thought to myself, it is a funny idea that this little book has traveled the way from the library back home to this specific mountain, I do not know how many times. Quite often I think by looking at the folds and scratches on the book. After putting the book back in the bag we got lost anyway. Maybe the best part of the route for that day.

A walking- or travel guide is a funny thing. Trying to show you the best bits and keeping you from getting lost. Maybe you also borrowed this little book from your local library. Hopefully you got lost as well.

I dedicate this book to my dad and brother both called: Henk Nieboer. That we may walk many more miles.

- Paul Nieboer (2018)
Een korte tekst naar aanleiding van de conferentie rondom het werk en de persoon Johannes Goedaert, entomoloog en fijn-schilder.
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